Women's Ministries

The Women's Ministries of The Salvation Army is organized towin women to Christ, encourage spiritual growth, enhance Christian fellowship and promote the bettermentof our homes, community, nation and world.
Women's Ministries are inspiring and fun. Educational weekly programs for women are provided at each Salvation Army Corps (a place of worship and service). Individuals are taught practical living skills and are given opportunities for fellowship with other women that can enrich lives!
This program is designed to meet the interests and needs of women community by community, following one or more of three possible formats:
  • Traditional group meetings
  • Non-traditional gatherings
  • Focus Groups (Special Interest)

Is It For You?

Programs are designed to help meet the interests and needs of all women -- the working mother, the stay-at-home mom, the career woman, the single mom, the younger woman, the mature woman. No matter what stage of life you're in, you're welcome! (Women age 14 or over may attend Women's Ministries meetings.)
To find out what Women's Ministries groups are available near you contact the Women's Ministries Department at 402-898-7700 ext. 141.

Special Events

The following are just a few of the exciting events which take place as a part of Women's Ministries. The special events vary at each Salvation Army Corps based on the interests and needs of women in the groups.
An Annual Women's Ministries Meeting is usually held between October and April for women associated with each local Women's Ministries group. At this meeting, an update on the ministry's activities and projects for the year is given, leaders are recognized and new members are enrolled.
Women's Sunday is nationally observed on the fourth Sunday of October. This service at the Corps Community Center recognizes leaders and those who are active in the local Women?s Ministries. Often this is followed by a tea or luncheon for the women.
Women's Rallies and/or Camps are held in each division (state or group of states). Rallies are one-day events that feature inspiring speakers, music and drama designed to encourage women in their everyday life. Camps generally are held over a weekend and feature practical workshops that address women's issues and that enhance their life skills and inspiring meetings that lift their spirits and bring hope. Both rallies and camps are open to all women who attend or participate in programs at their Corps, not just those who belong to Women's Ministries.
Family Activities at the Corps are often sponsored by Women's Ministries. Planned to appeal to the entire family, they provide fun and fellowship in a wholesome atmosphere.
Bazaars and Fundraisers are events which enable the Women's Ministries to raise money for local projects and to make a difference in the world by supporting The Salvation Army?s ministry in developing countries around the globe. From spaghetti dinners to silent auctions to Christmas Bazaars, anything fun, good and wholesome goes!
Child Sponsorships are often made by Women's Ministries groups who see the value of supporting an underprivileged child or children overseas through this wonderful Salvation Army program. In addition to the groups, many individual women and their families also choose to be involved in this meaningful and rewarding program. To find out how you can make a difference in the life of a child, contact The Women's Ministries Department at 402-898-5933.


Different program formats are designed to meet the many interests and needs of today's women.
Traditional Program
Known as the Home League, this is a structured, weekly program based on worship, education, fellowship and service. This fourfold format beautifully reflects The Salvation Army's holistic approach to ministry.
Worship is a part of every Women?s Ministries program. Most meetings involve reading the Bible and prayer. Special programs or events may highlight this aspect such as worship services, singspirations and Bible studies.
These programs include a wide variety of subjects that promote personal, family and community growth. They address the needs, interests and concerns of the Women's Ministries group as well as family and community issues. This aspect of the program also promotes women's understanding of Christian principles and lifestyle.
Fellowship experiences are filled with fun, food and warm friendships. Offering an opportunity to build relationships, share concerns and receive friendly advice from other women is an important and exciting component of Women's Ministries. Many fellowship activities include outings, parties and social events.
Giving women an opportunity to make a difference in their community and world, Women's Ministries offer a variety of service projects. These vary from group to group but may include feeding the homeless, helping less-fortunate children receive toys for Christmas, baking cookies for college students, visiting nursing homes and so much more!
Non-Traditional Program
This is a less structured program also based on worship, education, fellowship and service. Each local group may choose a name other than Home League to identify their program and may meet monthly or quarterly instead of weekly.
Focus Groups
These special interest groups cover a wide array of topics for women such as craft circles for quilting or memory books, aerobics classes, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), hospitality, resource and service-focused ministries (such as helping women in crisis pregnancies) or book clubs and Bible studies. The possibilities are nearly endless! They may meet on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and for a specific time period to cover a special topic (ie: a six-week class on effective parenting) or they may be ongoing.